Bravely Default, known in Japan as Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, is a role-playing video clip game established by Silicon Studio for the Nintendo 3DS portable console. Bravely Default was originally released in 2012, while an increased edition subtitled For the Follow up was launched in 2013 in Japan, Europe as well as Australia, and also in 2014 in The United States and Canada. This increased edition made use of the subtitle Where The Fairy Flies in areas outside of Japan. Square Enix released the video game in Japan, while Nintendo took care of posting tasks overseas. The gameplay makes use of a turn-based fight system and also job system, along with including alternatives to incorporate job capabilities and adjust battle rate and also arbitrary experience rates.
Bravely Default is embeded in the world of Luxendarc, which is maintained in equilibrium by 4 essential crystals protected by the Crystal Orthodoxy, a religious team with impact across the globe. The tale complies with the adventures of four lead characters: Agnès Oblige, vestal of the Wind Crystal, that was dislodged of her tasks after the crystals were taken in by darkness; Tiz Arrior, the sole survivor from a destroyed village triggered by the crystals’ affliction; Ringabel, an amnesiac philanderer trying to reveal a mystical journal in his ownership; as well as Edea Lee, a defector of a large army bent on capturing Agnès. Together, the celebration aims to recover the 4 crystals from the darkness as well as confront a greater wickedness in the process.
Starting growth as an action role-playing follow up to Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, it kept elements from the Last Dream collection while having its own tale and also gameplay aspects. The producer of The 4 Heroes of Light, Tomoya Asano, went back to generate Bravely Default. The story’s writer was Naotaka Hayashi, who was generated from 5pb. as a result of his work with Steins; Entrance. The characters designs were managed by numerous musicians, including art supervisor Akihiko Yoshida and also mangaka Atsushi Ōkubo. The game was influenced by western computer game as well as television series, as well as specific elements were motivated by facets of the Dragon Quest series and also Higurashi When They Cry. The songs, made up by Revo of Sound Horizon, was planned to evoke the sensations of timeless collection such as Dragon Quest and Legend.
Bravely Default was initially introduced in September 2011 as part of Nintendo’s 2012 lineup for the system. In the run-up to launch, multiple trials were developed, as well as the group changed the game utilizing responses from players. For the Sequel was the basis for the overseas launch, being local with no caption. In both Japan and also overseas, Bravely Default met strong sales as well as important recognition. Usual appreciation mosted likely to the gameplay’s combination of conventional mechanics and also new components, along with its storyline, graphics as well as songs. Main points of objection were its recurring late-game stages and also components of its social gameplay. Bravely Default spawned several media linkups as well as spin-off video games. A straight follow up, Bravely Second: End Layer, was launched in 2015 in Japan and 2016 abroad for the Nintendo 3DS, while one more sequel set in a new world, Bravely Default II, was launched worldwide in 2021 on the Nintendo Switch.

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After having debuted at Nintendo Switch earlier this year, _ Bravely Default II _ will be arriving as soon as the following week at PC . Specifically, the work of Square Enix will be available at Steam from September 2 And here we leave you a new trailer as well as the specifications your computer to run it.

If you already have the game at switch and you expected new content with this version of PC , we regret say that this will not be the case. It is only a port of the base game and yes, it is sold at full price, that is, $ 1,259 weight s. It will normally cost $ 1,399 pesos, but if you acquire it in Presale you will get the discount of 10%.

As you surely you could see, it will not be necessary to have an extremely powerful computer to run this title, and here we leave your exact requirements:

_ Bravely Default II _Llega A Steam The next September 2 . Here you can see the written review we made to this game when it came out in the switch .

Source: Square Enix