You thought that Team 17 Worms were the first to make us crack with Digitalized Interjections Suraigaus? Well, not at all. Three before the earthworms Va-t-war, there were the lemmings, funny longiligne cattle with the green mane and the nuchaling approach, whose sometimes heartbreaking cries have reasoned in the rooms of many gamers. Reflection game advertised in its time, became a classic instantly, Lemmings will be at the heart of a documentary returning to his career: Lemmings 30th: Can You Dig it? , Scheduled for this year .


This one is produced by exient, which now holds the rights of this Bachelor’s degree at DMA Design, Hyper Talented Studio at the origin of Shadow of the Beast and which will become Rockstar North – Yes, the creators of GTA. And to trace the adventure of the game puzzle in which you have to carry out stupid crimson on the right path by avoiding them death that they seem to call their wishes, the little dishes have been put in the big ones.

In this documentary series, we are delighted to work with Adrian Powell (original lemmings cover artist), Chris Scullion (journalist), Chris van der Kuyl (developer and former Kingsway Club), Eli Mouawad (Streamer), Enrique Hervas (Lead Designer at Exient), Gary Penn (former DMA and journalist), Gary Timmons (Ex-DMA), Gary Whitta (Screenwriter and Journalist), Ian Hetherington (former Psygnosis), Jake Montanarini (Norwich University), James Roadley-Battin (Artistic Director at Exient), Kish Hirani (Bame in Games, former Playstation), Larry Bundy JR (TV presenter, YouTuber), Nia Wearn (Staffordshire University), Nick Gorse (Coventry University), Paul Farley (ex -DMA), Peter Molieneux (Legend of the game industry), Robin Gray (Gayming Magazine), Russell Kay (Ex-DMA), Ryan Locke (Abertay University), Silvio Micalef (Lead Artist at Exient), Tim Wright ( Ex-DMA), Trista Bytes (Superfan, YouTuber) and more.

A lot of prestigious guests., All the same, to discuss the origins and attraction exercised by a simple but devilish concept effective, to resume a pundcif. Let us take to remember that, no, the lemmings, the real ones, do not suicide massively to fight against overcrowding. If you meet one, no fear. Just offer him a beer.