Advent of Code is an annual set of Christmas-themed computer shows tests that follow an Advent calendar and also can be solved using any type of programming language. Each puzzle is released at midnight in Eastern Standard Time as well as contains 2 components that must be solved in order. Individuals also compete based on rate on both worldwide and also exclusive leaderboards.

Funko is located in the middle of its Festival of Fun Christmas event, which will include its great pop figure, Advent calendar and game launches for the Christmas season of 2021. The odds are one of the most important launches that will debut during the event, the First Advent Calendar Pokémon POCKET POP.

The Pokemon Funko Advent Calendar will include 24 Pocket Pop surprises to discover it every day of December before Christmas. We say surprises, but if you really want to know exactly what’s in the box, you’ll find an image that highlights the full collection on the product page. Here at Walmart, here at Amazon, and here at Entertainment Earth where you can get your order early for $ 39.96 to $ 59.99 depending on the retailer.

Basically, the Pokémon figures in the Advent Calendar are pocket versions of the pop figures that have launched in the alignment of Pokémon previously. This includes multiple versions of Pikachu, Charmander, Mewtwo, Mew, Raichu, Bulbasaur and more. They even included some variants of metallic silver. Unfortunately, these metallic variants come at the expense of a more complete Pocket POCKET POP collection, the most remarkable omission is Charizard.

As noted, the debut of the Advent calendar of Pokemon Funko is part of Funko Festival of Fun festive event. It is likely that we see several launches of the Advent Calendar for the Fun of Fun festival, along with figures and games of Funko Pop with Christmas themes. You can track everything here through our master list of Festival of Fun.

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