Grimvalor, one of the best games of the year 2018, goes to Nintendo Switch on April 7th. It is a nail-festive 2D soul like the old Deputy Ed Harry, who is called cruel and dark, but what else would you expect from a game inspired by the modern classics from FROM Soft?

It is located in the forgotten kingdom of Vallaris – a bad, brutal country – and she provides commissioned to uncover the fate of his missing king. As expected, she leads this quest to all sorts of terrible places. Now surrounded by threats, they must take the weapons and defend themselves as well as possible against the many horrors of the abyss.

You will spend your time to master the elegant mix of hack-and-slash combat and platform challenges to look for prey and solve little puzzles. While it can be a bit gloomy, there is a friendly dealer with which one can entertain and act, which is very nice.

The switch version comes with the long-awaited New Game + mode. Here are even more difficult opponents, hoping to acquire powerful new equipment. It should improve replayability and provide recurring players a new challenge.

Harry checked Grimvalor at the start and praised his skilful fight and his fresh turn on the worn soul-like formula. It has received a well-deserved silver score at the end, and it is important to note that the game has improved since then.

The pre-orders for switches were officially opened today and cost 12.99 US dollars. Grimvalor is now available in the Nintendo eShop. If you prefer to try it on the phone, it is also on the internet for sale AppStore and Google Play.

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