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With Trading Time Half Past Yellow and Merge Games have announced an idyllic island adventure for PC, Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch, where you can find yourself after a shipwreck on a strange island and boot Must repair. A targeted publication period was not mentioned, but on Steam you can already set the title to the wish list.

In the game description it says: _ A terrible storm devastates the ocean around you and throws your powerful ship into the dangerous rocks of a nearby island. You grow up and find your ship in ruins. You are shipwrecked on a strange island full of … Frogs? A complex network of commercial opportunities leads you over the whole island, while you are looking for materials to repair your ship. While exploring the world of Trading Time, you will find a series of friendly characters, find tricky puzzles, find hidden treasures and much more._

As features are mentioned:

  • _Bahne you your own way through this sandbox island. You never know what’s waiting for you behind the next corner! _
  • Lear the frogy locals and help you where you can only .
  • Decke new items through fishing and agriculture and brow simple brewing that change the way you travel the island.
  • Lears from the frogs and place your new skills around the island on the sample .
  • Question the islanders for objects, but remember that you may have to do a favor of a frog .
  • _Lose interesting puzzles to get to needed items.
  • _ Tests not to distract you too much from the island life! _
  • Fast running, jumping up, slower fall – with the right object in hand is everything is possible .
  • Decke Various ways to make important barges .
  • JEDES Object that you cancel, at the end of the keys could be something bigger .

Last updated video: announcement trailer