Next month, _ Sonic colors: Ultimate_ will give the beloved Game of Sega some modern updates when it is launch at PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. To generate enthusiasm for the new release, SEGA has created an animated adaptation in two parts, _ WISPS_. The second episode is now available online, and had the privilege of discussing the project with the Sega of America Associated Production Manager Jasmin Hernandez. SEGA has produced some of these animated Sonic projects so far, including adaptations based on sonic mania and the Sonic Racing_. Hernandez discussed the possibility of future animated adaptations with the blue blur, as well as a dream sonic game on which to base a similar series.

For now, the future of similar animated projects of Sonic seems to be in the air, but hopefully we will see more based on the next Sonic Team project, or even in Future Games of Sega, as Súper Mania of Mono Ball Banana . Hernández does not remove anything from the table, which should be a good news for those who have enjoyed ascenese of the WISPS and other animated specials of Sega. Continue reading to get more information about the current series and what could bring the future of Sonic The Hedgehog!

Mania connection The success of the sonic mania is the animated series lead to this project?

Jasmin Hernandez : Definitely! I would say that sonic mania the opening animation was the forerunner of everything. The animation has always gone from the hand of Sonic games. Seeing the overwhelmingly positive reactions of both players and animation fanatics, we learned that we had captured something special with that opening animation. After that, we decided to create Anventures of Sonic Mania in anticipation of the launch of Sonic Mania Plus to increase awareness about the launch of the game. That finally led us to create Team Sonic Racing: Overdrive An animation of two parts that develops in the world of Sonic Racing_. Now, we are very excited to produce another single series to complement the launch of Sonic’s decolores: Ultimate_.

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Understanding it

War Thunder | 1.85

_ Sonic_ Colores is considered one of the best games of the Sonic franchise. Did you add additional pressure to do this well?

When it comes to remasters, I believe that there is always the pressure of doing well, since fans have been committed to the original game previously and there may be expectations that have been established. As a brand, we always hope to offer games and experiences that proud of our dedicated fan base, so we make sure to highlight the most iconic environments and characters of the original. Colores in the animated series. The fans will travel to Sweet Mountain and really see how Wisps’s personalities come alive in sonic colors: Rise of the WispS.

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What game was more difficult to adapt?

Since each Sonic game we have adapted has been different, everyone had their own challenges. However, I will say that the game that presented more challenges to adapt was EQUIPO SONIC RACING. Teamwork is important for the Sonic Racing_, and it is something we wanted to highlight in our animation. The challenge he posed was that each team was composed of three members and that meant that, in comparison with Adentures of Sonic Mania, we had a larger cast of characters to present. Not to mention that each character had his own unique vehicle. He dedicated himself a lot of time to devise a story that will highlight each of the characters, vehicles, dynamics of equipment and wisp enhancers in a fun and attractive way, but also feasible for our budget and agenda.

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cartoon star

Sonic has had a long and successful career in animation. Why do you think the character translates so well in the animated medium?

The character of Sonic lends itself to the environment, the distinctive characteristics of him as the speed, perseverance and playful and fun attitude of him are perfect to tell exciting stories. Reflecting on the last and current Sonic animations, it is amazing to see people resonating with those stories and I hope to see Sonic in more animated projects in the future.

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How do these animated projects fit in Sega’s overview for the character of Sonic the Hedgehog?

Big question! Animation is a way to further expand the characters and stories we do not always touch on games. It’s fun to see our dedicated fanatics enjoy the continuation of Sonic through animation, and we hope that our fanatics will love Sonic in the animation as much as us!

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The best games to adapt

If you could give any Sonic game an animated adaptation then what would it be?

It depends on the biggest team in what game it could be the next in the row, but personally, I have good memories of playing sonic 2 when he was a child, so that would be my first selfish choice. However, if I really think about that question, it is really a difficult decision to choose only one because our Sonic games have given a lot of stories that would be great to expand even more. Sonic is really such an adaptable character, and our audience enjoys the story of him in many ways.

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Physical release

Is it ever considered a physical launch for these programs?

We tried to listen to what interests our fans and adapt our strategies to better adapt to their comments, so I would not consider that out of the table if it was something that our audience was asking. Personally, it’s something I’d love to see one day.

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The future

Can seaga fans expect to see more of these animated productions for the following Sonic games?

We really enjoy creating these animated shorts as a way for fans to know the characters and universes of our Sonic games. There is still nothing predetermined, but there is always the possibility that we continue with this trend for future games, so they are attentive!

What’s still for the animation team after this? Could we see Sega games like _Super mono ball, receive a similar treatment?

As I mentioned, there is always the possibility that we have a new project under the sleeve, you will only have to be attentive to more information about our team.

Be attentive to the review of of Colores de Sonic: Ultimate, soon, shortly, soon.

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