Sometimes even the simplest things must be laid to be square: you are both fierce (e) S of Pokémon glittering pearl and other sparkling diamond Pokémon and you want to pay you a Switch Lite at first or second console? You know what you have to do now. This will be available on November 5th.

The novelty

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Little to say about this new nintendo console model switch lite in Limited edition dialga & pierkia , also sparkling sparkling , if not you The best price to 199.99 € ** in a selection of stores below. A tariff that, for regulars, resembles the normal and usual tribute for the basic console, which is fairly honest to emphasize it.

So why not have fun? And most importantly, remember that Grandma’s good plans has concocted you a list of accessories tested by her care to go with.


to go higher

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