It is not always possible to create hoped for the video game of your choice. On Reddit is now a discussion about Warioware: Get It Together emerged, in the fans her displeasure to the upcoming game from Nintendo Kundtun.

Warioware: Get It Together provides fan frustration

Only recently was the micro-game hit Warioware: Get It Together applied with its own trial, which you can download about the Nintendo e-shop. However, the first players already complain about the manageable functionality and criticize the missing multiplayer option.

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In this regard, the Reddit User Newbzoor in the subreddit of the Nintendo Switch makes the point that the Microgame orgie has no real online multiplayer over . Both the story and the so-called Variety Pack mode by mastering your random mini-games are only locally playable.

No real online function in Warioware: Get It Together

In contrast, you can measure you online with other players, but you ultimately highlight your high score only into a leaderboard. A direct exchange with others is not possible . So who has hoped to be able to play together online with family and friends, is disappointed by Nintendo at this point .

In addition, a frequent problem with leaderboards, which you probably have already experienced yourself. At first maintained, more and more cheaters with absurd high scores or Utopian fast Final times on the tableau. Apart from that, challenges against genuine players for could provide more game fun and increase the playback value.

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The party game from the popular Microgame series is expected to be released on September 10, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch and will support both tabletop, handheld and TV mode.