However, there seems to be concerns about the renewal of subscribers.

Of the three current platform owners, Nintendo was the last one who received a paid online subscription. Even when the switch was started for the first time, it was online for free. Now the company has entered this action with the Nintendo Switch online service. All in all, it seems to be pretty well run, but there could be concerns that people are renewing.

The last financial reporting was announced that the service now includes more than 15 million subscribers. That’s exactly the number, and that’s a pretty big boost last year, but Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa showed that there were concerns to extend membership. He says, planning the company to continue to offer new features to improve the service.

Another point we should mention are the more than 15 million accounts worldwide with paid membership at Nintendo Switch online, and these sales occupy a certain position within our digital sales. While new members continue to join, there are also those who do not extend their membership.

We will continue to improve the attractiveness of the service to provide Nintendo Switch more features and more fun.

Nintendo Switch Online is required to play most games on Nintendo Switch online and access the catalog of classic NES and SNES titles. There are still many functions missing. Hopefully Nintendo continues to improve.

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