A beloved action game that previously appeared on PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms is finally addressed to Nintendo Switch. Specifically, that game is the original. Luxury moribunda, from the Developer Techland. And while the next sequel, Dying Light 2, apparently will not go to Switch in the short term, the arrival of the original game to the platform is something that fanatics have been asking for a long time.

Techland confirmed the launch of luz moribunda in Nintendo Switch in the last days in his official Twitter account associated with the game. Specifically, the study revealed that edication dying light platinum is the version that will be directed to switch. In particular, this iteration of the game contains all the additional pieces of DLC and expansion content that were launched after the initial launch of luz moribunda since 2014. Basically, if you have not played the title before, this iteration will give you everything you could be searching.

Dark Light - Trailer Nintendo Switch & PC

It is happening! Dying Light Platinum Edition will soon arrive at Nintendo Switch! pic.twitter.com/cftmgui6dh.

  • Dying Light (@DyingLightGame) August 26, 2021

Time Luz dybunda on switch will be sold in digital format, Techland is also launching a special physical version of the game that may interest collectors. This physical iteration will come in a single box that will contain the game itself, a large map, a survival guide that presents a series of callback returns and stickers associated with the title.

At this time, it is unknown when luz moribunda will come specifically to Nintendo Switch. A previous filtration was mocked that October will be the window in which the game will arrive, but Techland has not yet been publicly confirmed. Whenever a more specific release date is given, we will make sure to update it here at comicbook.com.

How do you feel about luz moribunda finally get to Nintendo Switch? Are you going to look for playing the game for yourself on this platform, or you will simply be waiting until later in 2021 to play? Dying light 2? Let me know your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter in @ mooreman12.