On August 20, 2021, Red Cabin Games published its 2D Action Roguelike Space Scavenger for PC and Nintendo Switch and officially finished the Early Access after a good year. The download via eShop and Steam, where the previous user rewviews very positive fail, costs 12.99 euros each. In the game description it says: _ Discovered, construction and control unique spaceships through mysterious alien-infected galaxies and collect spaceship parts while trying desperately to find what you once called at home.

Space Scavenger combines Roguelike elements such as Permadeath and real-time generated levels with the principle to build and design optimized spaceships on the go. Improve and optimize the combat potential and the design of your spaceship as you struggle through more and more difficult levels.

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When collecting spaceship parts and exploring strange planets, you will encounter weapons, defensive and usefulness modules that have all unique skills. Always have an eye on your ammunition and energy plates to always be ready for a coming fight, your ability to constantly adapt and improve the design of your spaceship while you find new parts will be the difference between survival and safe death .

Try your ingenuity by taking part in the daily online challenge when players try to achieve the best score of the day with the same conditions. Compare your results with others and look at your spaceship designs in the menu of the daily challenge. _

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