Turtle Beach announced the release of an update of the RECON 200 helmet, well named Recon 200 Gen 2. It will be compatible with the Xbox One, the Xbox Series X, the PS5, the PS4, the Nintendo Switch and the mobiles with Take 3.5. .

The RECON 200 GEN 2 adds a variable micro monitoring, _Prospecs ~ a technology compatible with glasses, mild memory cushions, a new headband with increased rigidity and the ability to work in passive mode. The helmet has 40 mm speakers, with improved bass boost to offer an immersive and detailed play sound that supports available spatial surround sound technologies such as Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos or DTS Helmet: X1et Sony 3D Audio.

This is not a bad deal for the $ 59.95 PDSF. It’s great that an update is published at the same price as the original version. Hope this means that you can get the original version at a reduced price if you are looking for a pair of reliable and cheap headphones. Turtle Beach is not my choice, but they are incredibly popular for a reason.

Recon 200 Gen 2 offers almost everything you could expect from a pair of wireless headphones. The battery should last about 12 hours; He has my favorite flip to cut the sound, which, in my opinion, is much more convenient than pressing a button. You can also hear your own voice in the microphone, which is great to make sure everything works well and you do not scream in your friend’s ear.

At less than $ 60, it’s hard to find more feature wireless headphones. I usually use the most expensive models, but it’s because I’m a loser who cares far too much about video games. It’s a good deal for those who just try to chat with their friend as they play.

Recon 200 Gen 2 will be available on September 21, 2021 and will be available in black, white and a brand new blue night color.

Source: Press release