With Xel, the Hamburg developers Tiny Roar and Publisher Assemble Entertainment announced a 3D Action Adventure in the style of The Legend of Zelda, which will appear in the spring 2022 for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch. On Steam and GOG you can already set the adventures offering both fantasy and sci-fi elements to the wish list.

Game description of the manufacturer: _ Xel is a Sci-Fi Fantasy 3D Action Adventure, in which it slips into the role of Reid, who has suffered shipwreck on the foreign world Xel. Without memories of her former life, it is now to experience your past and your connection to Xel. Has your sword and shield as you explore the Oberwelt of Xel and appears in challenging dungeons in Zelda style, full of unforeseen threats and tricky puzzles. Turns new moves free ‘Finds clever gadgets and uses your skills to jump through space and time. While Reid dips deeper into the secrets of Xel, she finds an endless circulation of destruction. Will be able to free themselves – and what Will it cost? _

As features are mentioned:

  • Ring the mysterious world of Xel and covers her dark past on
  • _ A vibrant Oberwelt and challenging, Zelda-like dungeons are waiting to be explored and mastered_
  • Pressed and struggles through pockets of patched robots and introduce you to the exotic wildlife of Xel
  • Springs by time, solves puzzle and uses your arsenal to gadgets to discover secret paths
  • Ein classic top-down 3D action adventure with dynamic camera swivel to keep close to the action
  • XEL offers a well thought-out combat system with different attacks and combos, as well as evasive options, parades and gadgets
  • _ Sammelt cores to obtain unique skills that allow you to jump through the time_
  • Dungenons and puzzles in Zelda style not only demand your heads, but also your MUMM
  • Live a captivating sci-fi fantasy story, which attaches great importance to narrative, fight and puzzle
  • Trefft on unforgettable characters and leads funny and charming dialogues

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