HUGE Pokémon Updates! Arceus, Gen 4 Remakes, Go, Unite! NEW Pokémon! Mamoswine! (Pokémon Presents)
After promoting the switch, the Moba Pokémon Unite announces that it will be available on iOS and Android from September 22, as learned during the Pokemon presents.

Developed by Timi Studios, the main armed arm of Tencent, this Free-to-Play already released last month on Switch will join in a few weeks which will probably be its favorite platform, around a community already used to many subtleties of the monetization of free games. As customs, pre-registration is already open at Apple as at Google. With regard to a license as popular as this, the target thresholds are particularly high (2,500,000 signatures to receive the Pikachu unit license and 5,000,000 to be entitled to the Pikachu Special Holowear).

_ The Pokemon Players and Players Unite can also connect to the Nintendo Switch version of the game now to receive the Zeraora License Unite as a special gift. By associating their Nintendo Switch account to the mobile version of the game, they will be able to Use Zeraora in the mobile version at its release. Finally, Mamoswine [Mammochon] and Sylveon [Nymphali] will soon join the selection of playable Pokémon_ , also explains the press release.