Many fans of PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S / X, Nintendo Switch and other consoles are on beautiful controllers. Therefore, they design fantastic custom designs or buy expensive special and limited editions. Others could not be more equal to the look of their controllers – for them, the pushers are obviously simply only commodities or workfores. As with these two copies, which really would not win a beauty price, but certainly well in the hand.

Who has the ugliest PS4 controller? These 2 fan creations look awful

That’s why it’s time: While most PS4 or PS5 fans are likely to worry about the prettiest controllers, a particularly ugly part made the round. At least the mixture of camouflage, yellow sprinkles, golden buttons and purple stick essays were already really daring and the proud owner looked very similar:

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Fan has the perhaps ugliest PS4 controller in the world and is still proud of it


2 new candidates: Outside still lurking a lot of other wild controller creations. In the last few days, two people have posted pictures of their PS4 controllers after they had seen the discussion online. Admitted, classic beauty ideals, the two devices actually do not comply.

Instead, we have to do it here with rather pragmatic solutions. The seems to meet thanks to additional grip at least their purpose and to lie well in the hand. The one version even had to be customized, which explains the particularly raw look. Here you can see the reddit post:

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Here again the good piece in all its splendor:

The second device here is more like the off-road or monsters truck version of the otherwise discreet and almost tenderly designed, small but fine dualshock 4 controllers. Most likely, however, the thing is likely to be pleasantly to use for people with greater hands.

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To clarify this: These two PS4 owners have thrown their creations themselves in the race around the ugliest controller. It is therefore to a certain extent about self-designations and of course we do not want to prescribe a person, which should be beautiful to their aesthetic feeling.

How do you like the two controllers? Are you rather releasing good looks or do the thing have to work above all?