On August 31, 2021, StoneWeeat & Sons and Sold Out have published the cooperative postal adventure Keywe (from 29.90 € at Buy) for PC and Nintendo Switch. Via eshop and Steam, where to date 95 percent of the user reviews are positive, the download of the also available as a box version commercially available enigm of puzzles costs 24.99 euros. The implementations for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S should follow on September 14th. Pre-orders are already possible in the PlayStation Store.

In the game description it says: _ The post office must run! Keywe is a cute, cooperative post-puzzle game with Jeff and Debra in the main roles, two small kiwi birds working in a curry post office. Without hands that could help you , you have to jump, flutter, peck and wobble with the butt to lift your way through an interactive landscape of levers, bells and buttons, so that the post is delivered on time.

Experience dangerous post environments and masters seasonal dangers while wadding through the different postures of the telepost. Join yourself with a partner to help this lovable kiwis in all weather when fulfilling their tasks. Turn off new accessories to make your Kiwi individually and become a postbird in bungalow basin. _

As features are mentioned:

  • _Chaos in the post office – Schlüge in the role of a kiwi bird working at the post office and tap together with a friend telegrams, sending urgent messages, send packages and hold post operation on the run.

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  • _Nied, chaotic Coop – alleges you on the couch or online! _
  • Also cute single player mode – control both kiwi birds with a single controller and dare to a postal service solo adventure .
  • -Thermago post environments – navigate via post writetables and by means of shipping rooms to become masters of the postal service .
  • Saisonale craziness – dangers like winter weather, autumn thunderstorms and more on the way to postprofi.
  • _Catchable kiwis – change the color of the feathers of your kiwis and unlock new accessories – because Kiwi birds look cute with hats! _

Last updated video: Launch trailer