A first look at how this will look at the hybrid console.

When it comes to platforms, Atlus has always been something … strange. You have reserved the main entries of your titles exclusively for a platform holder, while the start-ups take place everywhere and everywhere. For example, Persona 4 has never left a PlayStation platform (originally for PS2 and then an extended remake for the VITA), but spin-offs with these characters have awarded both Nintendo and Microsoft consoles. Why this is the case is unclear, but it seems that this will be the case Persona 5. Although it is the biggest game so far and there are many rumors, Persona 5 remains exclusive to the PS4, but one of the largest offshoots, Gerangel, will also touch Nintendo console.

Most of the recordings shown so far has not been classified for which platform, but on the Japan EVO 2020 we received a quick look at the gameplay for the switch version. It only took a little more than a minute, only half of it was Gameplay, but it looks pretty clean and seems to run well. Of course, we will probably only soon get an idea of ​​the discrepancies, but it’s a good taste (thanks to Persona Central for uploading footage).

Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikes will eventually be released for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch this year.

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