Asian Branch announced by Room6, the World for TWO Chinese version will launch Nintendo Switch digital download version on September 9, 2021 (4). Some Switch information and pictures are disclosed.

In 2019, the iOS / Android version is launched. It is quite popular World for Two to introduce Nintendo Switch version, and the animation creates and upgraded images, animations have attracted attention, and finally this year, Asian branches will be available in 9 On the 9th, the Nintendo Switch digit download Chinese version is downloaded.

Planets that are in the verge of demise, the players will play with the only robot manufactured by Dr. Survivors. Players can experience all animal extinction, only the plant’s ridiculous world, collect energy and DNA, explore genetic models, manufacture new lives such as saving disappeared animals.

■ World for Two Switch introduction

\ – story introduction

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A certain day, sudden disaster, making all the organisms extracted. After a few years, the Ph.D. in a research institute in the underground, the only survivor in the world, began to create creatures. In order to collect energy necessary to create organisms, he created a smart robot capable of external activities. In the world that has stopped in this human civilization, plants are growing, both cruel and beautiful. Ph.D. and smart robots, two people’s life creation, just in such a world.

\ – Life creates robot

Players will help Ph.D. to create their lives in the perspective of the robot made by Dr. Survivors. The natural energy and DNA obtained by outdoor activities are combined from ammbidum to whales, and more than 60 kinds of life can be created.

\ – Beautiful world displayed by pixel art

Because of the big disaster, all animal extinct, only plants, this brutal beautiful landscape is presented with a high level of pixel art. And can feel the unique color and ecosystems with unique color and ecosystems with BGM with a presence.

\ – Nintendo Switch’s new elements

Nintendo Switch Edition is not only a newly added 14 creatures in the iOS / Android version, but also some organisms are presented with vital animation. In the precipitation old opened after the main line of customs clearance, you can confirm the past events and doctoral stories. In addition, in the customs clearance team, the BGM of the Switch can be changed to the piano five play version, bringing a beautiful new world for players.

This is expected to be launched in Nintendo Switch on September 9, 2021, supporting in the world.