On Ebay you get just 10 percent discount on many technical articles if you use the Coupon Code ProTechnik21 . This applies, among other things, for the FIFA 22 appearing on October 1, which the eBay dealer SBDirect24 already offers relatively cheap anyway. The PS4 and Xbox-One version cost by the voucher only 55.79 euros instead of 61.99 euros. For most other dealers, you pay 69.99 euros. The versions for PS5 and Xbox Series as well as the Legacy Edition for Nintendo Switch is cheaper on eBay. Here is the overview:

  • FIFA 22 (PS4) instead 61,99 € for 55,79 €
  • FIFA 22 (Xbox One) instead of 61,99 € for 55,79 €
  • FIFA 22 (PS5) instead of 67.95 € for € 61.15
  • FIFA 22 (Xbox Series) instead of 73 € for 65,70 €
  • FIFA 22 (Nintendo Switch) instead 38.90 € for € 35.01

The voucher is still valid until the 8th of September. Whether FIFA 22 will be available until the end of the action or if perhaps the price is still changing, it is unclear. By the way, shipping is free.

EBay: 10% on technology articles with coupon code proTechnik21

More voucher offers: Nintendo Switch and TV

Of course, the eBay voucher still applies to a lot of other products from the technology area, including the Nintendo Switch and many 4K TVs. However, the discount is limited to a maximum of 50 euros per article. The voucher can also be redeemed twice per person. Here are a few sample offers:

  • Nintendo Switch (Edition 2019) instead 325 € for 292,50 €
  • Nintendo Switch Lite (gray) instead of 199 € for € 179.10
  • Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut (PS5) instead of 66 € for 59,40 €
  • Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut (PS4) instead 62,50 € for € 56.25
  • LG 70Un71006 (4K TV, 70 inches) instead of 739 € for 689 €
  • Ring Fit Adventure (Nintendo Switch) instead 65,95 € for 59,35 €

The overview of the offers of the action as well as more information about the voucher can be found here:

EBay: 10% on technology articles with coupon code proTechnik21

The offers listed here are provided with so-called affiliate links. With a purchase via one of these links your Coupon Code supports: without impact on the price we get a small commission from the provider.