Instead of two equipped weapons, the players in the fight can go through all unlocked weapons.

Capcom continues to reveal new features for the Nintendo Switch version of Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition. After the announcement of Style Switching, with the Dante as in the current games in no time switching between four different styles, the developer has now confirmed Weapon Switching. How does it differ from the current system?

Previously, it was possible to switch between two weapons and two Devil Arms. They had to find out which missions or to a divinity statue could be accessed. However, this new system allows switching between all unlocked weapons during the fight. You can press ZR to switch between Devil Arms and ZL for weapons change.

You can also hold down one of the two buttons and open a radial menu. Use the right joystick to select the desired weapon from the menu and start it. It is a fascinating new mechanics that opened the potential for much more cooler combos than before. Capcom will introduce the new weapon switching during a live stream at 2 pm PT. More information can be found here.

Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition Publications on February 20 for Nintendo Switch.

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