At MediaMarkt you can buy the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller in Bundle with Zelda: Skyward Sword HD at the current top price.

Offers for the Nintendo Switch or individual games are often sown rar. Accordingly, they are particularly interesting as soon as a dealer offers corresponding deals. Media market now has the Official Wireless Controller for the Nintendo Switch on offer. Unfortunately, how long this deal is true, we are unknown.

This awaits you with the offer: You will receive the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller in the bundle with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for only 99.99 euros. This saves you around 10 euros compared to the best individual prices of the two products.

Will There be Motion Controls in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Buy Switch Pro Controller Bundle for 99.99 Euro

So you can save more: If you do some work, you can save another 10 euros and gets the bundle for only 90.78 euros. To do this, you have to take the 10 Euro newsletter coupon. You will receive this by simply registering for the MediaMarkt newsletter. To redeem this, however, the total price in the shopping cart must be 100 euros. In order to achieve this, you can just add a filler article.

Sets these three items to the shopping cart and takes advantage of the coupon that you have received for the newsletter registration and you get everything together for 90.78 euros.

  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD
  • Halogen bulbs for 79 cents

The Pro Controller makes the Nintendo Switch better for me

These are the key data of the Switch Pro Controller: The Wireless Controller has a traditional controller design according to Nintendo. Accordingly, two analog sticks, a control cross and buttons are installed. To do this, the choppers special for the switch. According to Nintendo, he also offers these specifications:

That’s why I can recommend the Pro Controller: For the release of the Nintendo Switch 2017 I bought the Pro Controller directly. I have not regretted this purchase since then. The controller is very good in the hand and offers the necessary grip, which even after several hours of playing. In addition, it is relatively easy and the analog sticks are also very easy to achieve. For me personally, he makes the Nintendo Switch better, because thanks to him with games like Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey falls more easily.

Also much better I like the Pro Controller Games like Splatoon. Above all, I feel the goals with the controller as much more pleasant. Thanks to the handy analog sticks, I can move my character more precisely and less hectic.

Generally, the PRO controller is especially interesting for everyone to which the Joy-con controllers are too small.

Skyward Sword HD: fun Zelda, but not the best

These are the innovations of the switch version: First, the new edition on the switch according to GAMEPRO is largely in liquid 60 fps. In addition, there is now a button control next to the motion control. In addition, these adjustments await you.

  • Dialogues can be banned
  • Intermediate sequences can be canceled
  • Tutorials can be skipped
  • Game now stores automatically
  • Phai only optional help
  • Item descriptions now appear once and no longer every time you collect an object

Clear judgment of the experts of GamePro:

With Zelda Skyward Sword HD, the Wii classic gets a second chance on the Nintendo Switch and now wants to pick up Motion Control muffle. But in the test shows: in the end, only the movement fans are happy again.

Skyward Sword HD Test at GamePro

Nintendo gives the new edition the opportunity to play the game without motion control. But according to GamePro and Testerin Linda Sprenger, this did not succeed. Nevertheless, it remains a good action adventure that convinces mainly with the creative dungeons and in great motion control. Who likes the latter, will also be happy with this Zelda. Accordingly, GamePro is a good rating of 80 points.

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