The developer will continue to provide patches.

Last years _ blood stains: Ritual The night_ was a solid metroidvania title and a pleasantly familiar experience for all who are looking for a good classic castlevania title for years. However, the start of the game was slightly affected by the poorly optimized switch version. In fact, it was so badly optimized that the game leader was surprised by his performance, while the developers are constantly patching new patches to repair the game and bring it up to date.

The latest switch patch of the game, update 1.0.4 is of great importance (you can read the following patch notes). In particular, the developer points out that with this latest patch the switch version of _ blood stains: Ritual of the Night_ is now in almost identical content state to other versions of the game – but they also make sure they continue to be in general Performance improvements for switch work .

Blutfecked: Ritual The night is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

_ Klebenote Count: _

  • Stibility improvements as crashes when interacting with bookcasters
  • ES has been a problem with corruption during the dialogue that could lead to crash
  • Name performance improvements in connection with animations
  • Allgermal troubleshooting

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