Controller Patent Microsoft, the new hot gadget on the block, was filed in July. Nicknamed Xbox Cloud or Project XCloud, this new portable game platform has sparked the enthusiasm of the community. The only thing to do is that his design looks a lot like Nintendo Switch. These are the removable input modules or the corresponding detachable joy-con which has allowed to switch on Nintendo Switch.

Microsoft has recently unveiled its future project in the form of a new patent. The configuration of its controller uses a detachment system rather similar to that of Switch’s Joy-Con. Its design takes a lot of things from Switch, especially the method of removable input models, which appears to have two removable controllers that can be loaded, according to the reports. The sketches below show the design and functionality of the next Microsoft Patent.

Depending on the online analysis, these two controllers are related to the charger located in the center, but they also attach to a horizontal smartphone, which gives it the appearance of a portable gaming system, namely Switch. IE However, this system is not new. The bolt controller interfaces for Smartphone have been available for years, for Android and iOS devices. It is assumed that this particular patent will be associated with Project XCloud, which is the continuous broadcast service of Microsoft for players.

Microsoft Patent Controllers also appear to install a speaker system and support wired and wireless audio. Sarang Sheth, the designer of this patent, said this about his work:

Designed for immersive games, the controllers come with two Flippers that keep your phone gently but securely on the sides, while the shape memory foam pads avoid pressing buttons. These lateral flippers are perfect for telescut phones because they make sure that controllers do not overlap the left or right screen. The two halves of the controllers connect to your phone via Wi-Fi to offer a flawless gaming experience without offset. – Sarang Sheth.

However, this controller patent does not seem to be a direct competitor of Nintendo Switch, the latter with his own body, while these Microsoft controllers attach to your smartphone, which makes all the difference in the world. It echoes the removable and lockable system, but Project XCloud aims to accommodate a different audience. For example, the next device will allow a player to synchronize and play the same game on his PC or console and take it with him on the road to play on his smartphone, or vice versa.