On September 3, 2021 Demagog Studio and Untold Tales published the post-apocalyptic Golf Club Wasteland for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The eShop currently has 40 percent, Via Epic Games Store and Steam 25 percent, in the Microsoft Store 20 percent and in the PlayStation Store no discount on the regular retail price of 9.99 euros. The previous user reviews on Valves download portal are very positive (currently 93 percent of the reviews are positive).

In the game description it says: _ The rich fled to the Mars, but dare for a round of golf back to the earth. Each hole in the durability has its own story and puts you in front of small puzzles to sink the perfect blow , Games in front of destroyed monuments, in shopping malls and abandoned museums, and discover humorous neon signs and graffiti, the current events, the Silicon Valley and humanity generally take on the grain.

Three sources tell the story of the downfall – details from the life of the lonely golfer, which returned to the earth for a last match, the transmitter ‘Nostalgiefunk from Mars’, which gives an insight into the life of the escapes, and the narrative of a’ Secret viewer ‘who observes the happening from a distance. When knocking off you will be accompanied by a suitable soundtrack as well as personal stories of the station. This station is tailored to the inhabitants of Mars, which yearn for the earth and the music of the 2020s, and here also share their memories of the earth. A radio DJ keeps the show with updates and messages running.

Three different modes provide for variety: casual players can only focus on story in story mode. Those who are looking for an additional challenge can try to solve the puzzles of each hole and cleverly to play under PAR. And for the absolute professionals, Iron mode that almost does not allow errors. The intuitive control and the minimalist UI facilitate entry and ensure a pleasant experience. _

Bizarre high-society golf is available as a complete package including digital soundtrack and a style book comic for background history of the lonely golfer Charley.

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