The company hopes to win his new partner for themselves.


While only a few people know their name, the Chinese multimedia Gigant Tencent is present in almost all areas of entertainment. Gaming is no exception, as the company is involved in many of the largest game publishers like Epic Games and Ubisoft. They are briefing to take a partnership with Nintendo to bring the Nintendo Switch to the Chinese main street. There will be no one-way street, or at least hopes Tencent that this is not the case.

In conversation with the Wall Street Journal, an anonymous Tencent employee said that the company internally hopes to use his leverage with Nintendo to create console games with its characters. It seems as if they wanted to use this to get into an American home.

While Tencent has a significant presence behind the scenes of the industry, they rarely did so much, and Nintendo is not known exactly for their nature of sharing (although they have greatly relaxed in recent years). It will be interesting to see how the partnership develops.

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