On September 17, 2021, the Swedish developers Something We Made want to publish their photographic puzzle adventure toem for PC, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. On Steam you can already set the relaxing black and white adventure to the wish list, in the eShop, Humble Store and Epic Games Store even pre-order with ten percent discount. Conversions for PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Xbox Series X | S are currently not planned.

On the Playstation Blog, Studiocondeme Niklas Mikkelsen Toem describes as follows: _ Do you remember how that is when you visit a new city for the first time? How to admit a new city? How to get the architecture, do not know what is expecting around the next corner , And all the wonderful memories that make you do? These are the feelings that toem wants to convey. The game has a long and interesting development go through – we once changed the genre and once again discarded everything and started again at zero! We had to pretty much around to get the desired gaming experience. The very first concept, from the toem ultimately sacrificing, was a simple drawing and although a lot has happened since then, we are convinced that the spirit of this first sketch is still in the game Haunted.

Toem creates a lot of inspiration from Scandinavia: by bus to the next small or big city of Tuckern, the people who live there, watch and visit the various sights and attractions. We want to take the player in toem on a real journey and how could such a trip remember even better? Of course with a camera! If your stranger helps, you get brands as a reward. These brands are a nice sign of gratitude and if you have collected enough of it, you can drive for free by bus to the next place on your journey. Your true goal? The magical natural phenomenon toem easy to experience and take pictures! Ultimately, we want you to just feel satisfied while playing without thinking about the worries of the world. _

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