CyberPunk Adventure by taxi Neo CAB arrives on PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch on October 3rd. The news of the date of release of the game came with a trailer also containing gameplay.

On PC and Mac, the game costs $ 14.99 USD, while on Switch, it will cost $ 19.99 USD.

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Players will walk in a futuristic city under the name of Lina, one of the few taxi drivers to be able to find work in a city mainly controlled by the very advanced I have throughout its adventure, players will have to examine Carefully the choices of Lina Car Neo CAB has a connection scenario.

In addition to having to drive a variety of talkative and paid passengers, Lina will also have to worry about his driver notes and worry about the feeling of his passengers.

In addition to all this, Lina is also looking for his friend Savy. However, it seems that his research will be complicated since Savy is sought after by the robocops of the city.

Source: Press release