A dentist has considered a very special offer, where the owner of a Nintendo Switch can receive a free teeth cleaning. For this he only has to be defeated at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – and the 80 euros can be saved.

Nintendo Switch: Dust free tooth cleaning

A pretty crazy offer has considered Doctor Shah from Massachusetts in the US. Who beats him at the game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch, receives a free teeth cleaning. But a warning also has the dentist parat, because he just not defeat him. Nevertheless, one or the other player is likely to be reported to him.

At a victory on the Nintendo Switch against Doctor Shah, Gamers can then save the average 80 Euro , which usually arise for professional tooth cleaning. But there are a few small restrictions, but players have only one attempt. Who loses that leaves the practice – or reaches for the teeth cleaning then in the bag. Interested parties can sign up for the fight for the dentist’s website.

The Nintendo Switch and the game provides the dentist himself, participants may bring own controllers as long as they are compatible. This even closes a GameCube controller. Each player receives three lives. In addition, there is a time limit of six minutes. Items, Final Smash and Level damage are not provided for the fight for professional tooth cleaning.

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Dentist Gamer does not play as Doctor Mario

Somewhat surprising Doctor Shah explained at RedDit that he does not play as Doctor Mario as adopted. Instead, he sets at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Pyra or Mythra (Source: Reddit).