The revival of the game seems to be connected to some disadvantages.

Over the years, there were a number of warning messages from developers or publishers who have grown too fast and crashed. Such a unfortunate example was Starbreeze, whose dahltag the series was very successful, and they expanded at a speed she finally pursued. They seem to try to get back on course with the revival of active development for recovery Paday 2 , but it has come with some disadvantages on the console side.

As announced in a blog post of the developer, the console versions of the games will soon be up-to-date. You realize that it was a big problem for you to keep up with the consoles, and say that it can take a while after the current console update 1.5 for a while until important updates for PS4 and Xbox One will be released.

Consoles have always been a kind of Achillesfer in our production pipeline, and although over the years we have made several efforts to strengthen the team and optimize PC production to better align them on consoles, it has not been enough. From April 2019 the dental Day 2: Crime Wave Edition With its DLCs the PC is almost caught up, but not completely.

We had to look at the future console updates from our current situation, with the restrictions we have, rather than to look back on what has been told and done before, and make decisions accordingly, even if you may not be the right ones we wish you. We have simply too many workers available to fix the situation at short notice. We see this as an opportunity to advance at least as soon as possible in terms of the upcoming roadmap.

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In order to be clear, we must inevitably go to differences between the PC and console version for accepting dahltag 2 forward at this time.

The Nintendo Switch version of the game looks even worse due to the outsourced character of the port. An update would cost too much work. It seems that there will be no updates for this version in the future.

We are very sad to announce the Paday 2 for Nintendo Switch it will be very unlikely that further updates will be released, although our initial ambitions were on the contrary. As described above, we had to make many difficult decisions, and this is another. In order to set the switch version separately in the context, the transfer of the game to the switch platform was not carried out internally and would require significant further investment.

Well, it seems that the revived development of the game would turn mainly around the PC version, as Starbreeze does everything to get everything back. It’s, of course, a very disappointing thing for those who sit on consoles, but maybe dahltag 3 should actually happen, that will be different.

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