By independent Nintendo Switch development team DESTINYBIT production, Ravenscourt issued the policy class (temporary, Dice Legacy) is about (9) in Nintendo Switch, PC ( steam , EPIC Nintendo SwitchS Store, gog . Com). Taking the mysterious ring world as the stage, through the roll, it collects resources, expands the gatherings, and builds its own strong striking territories. The Nintendo Switch has the best original Nintendo Switch award this year.

Raiderz Trailer - Rengot Village
Si out miracle combined with strategy simulation , Roguelike survival, board Nintendo Switchs, etc., throwing the dice to determine your actions, guidelines the people lead the country stronger. Residents start from the peasant class, as the throwing dice adjusts strategy, they will evolve into a variety of occupations such as citizens, soldiers, pastors or business people. In order to make the residents live healthy and happy, provide food, wheat and herbs to avoid them to hungry, sick, moving towards Ming Jun’s goal.

There are many functions of the dice, and each 面 represents different capabilities, using these dices to collect resources on the wasteland, collect wood, reclamation, and establish a residential expansion population. In order to support more people, we need to build farms to ensure the source of food, while the industrial work can produce material.

The dice will also have durability, and the continuous consumption of durability will drop, and the food can restore the number of usage. In addition, it is also possible to create a powerful dice through forging, exert the ultimate effect.

The ring world in the Nintendo Switch is integrated with the medieval and steam pumblock. There is a group of mysterious and old 异 者 on the other side of the ring, with in-depth exploration further excavating unknown truth.