The Steam Deck is seen by some users as competition for the Nintendo Switch. Meinmmo introduces you the differences and similarities of consoles.

With the Steam Deck, Valve had surprisingly presented a handheld console. Many had explained here that the Steam Deck was the right switch Pro because they offer the better hardware and more functions.

But where are similarities and differences between the two handheld consoles? Meinmmo introduces you the similarities and differences in consoles and at the end will look at whether the steam deck really wants to be competition for the switch.

The technical data in comparison

In this section we go to the technical data of the two consoles. We compare what the consoles can offer on the paper and where the differences are.

Steam deck

Valve sets at the Steam Deck on AMD. The processor uses AMDS Zen 2, while the graphics card RDNA 2 is used. Combined with 16 GB LPDDR RAM. This is the main memory that should consume particularly low (LP stands for low power ) and is used mainly in mobile devices such as mobile phones, consoles and laptops.

The display uses Valve to a 7-inch LCD display with a resolution of 1280 × 800. When space, you can choose between three different sizes (64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB) at the steam deck. In addition, you can expand the memory.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo relies on his handheld console on NVIDIA and its Tegra X1 chip, which is responsible for both processor and graphics performance. This is 4 GB LPDDR4 RAM.

The display sets Nintendo to 7-inch LCD technology and a resolution of 1280 × 720. When storing it gets 64 GB, but you can easily expand it with an additional memory card.

Differences between switch and steam deck

In technical comparison, the steam deck has the nose in front of the competition. The steam deck relies on an AMD chip (ZEN 2, RDNA 2), which we already know from the PlayStation 5, but with less power.

Another difference can be observed in the battery life. At the Steam Deck you have a maximum of 2 hours under full load, at the Nintendo Switch it is at least 4.5 hours. Here, however, it also depends on which games you can play how long the battery lasts.

However, the performance difference is less surprising, since the Nintendo Switch is now 4 years old and Nintendo has not released a new edition with faster hardware until today. With the Nintendo Switch OLED you have introduced at least one model with improved display.

The specs at a glance:

Hardware and software

In this section we go to the differences in hardware and software:

How are the two consoles built up and what features do they offer.
What’s the software of the consoles and what can you do with it.

Steam deck

The Steam deck relies on an open platform. Theoretically, each user can install on his device, which he wants. If you do not want Steam OS based on Linux, you can easily install Windows. Valve itself writes in his official explanation: The Steam Deck is a PC where you can install third-party software and operating systems.

Games can be installed directly from the Steam shop and basically also from other providers like Gog and Co.

In design, the Steam Deck sets to firmly installed buttons and controllers. To the Steam Deck, there should also be a docking station with other functions for release, but nothing is not too familiar here.

Nintendo Switch

Who wants to use the switch, has a given frame. You have to use existing, preinstalled system. To install another operating system is officially not allowed.

The Nintendo Switch relies on so-called joycons, these are controllers that can assemble their on the console, but can also use without console. The full-fledged Nintendo Switch also offers you a docking station in contrast to the Lite version, which offers you a higher resolution when gambling.

If you want to install games, you can either sit on physical switch games via cartridge or a purchase in the in-house eShop. There are no other options.

Differences between switch and steam deck

With the Nintendo Switch you get a console that moves in a clear frame. At the Steam Deck, you will rather get a mini-PC, which you theoretically not only use for gaming.

Of course, this has advantages and disadvantages in the usability. The software of the switch acts overall accessible and tailored to a younger audience. At the Steam Deck, you get significantly more opportunities for you, but that should not please everyone.

Steam Deck VS Nintendo Switch – Which games are there?

Which games offer Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck in comparison? Can you play the same games on both devices or have one of the two consoles an advantage over the competition? We introduce you to the differences and special features here.

Steam deck

With the console of Valve you can access your entire Steam library. Which games are going on how well on the console is not yet known.

In addition, you can officially install Windows on the console next to Steamos and use other gaming launchers in this way.

Nintendo Switch

The Switch offers you especially games that are tailored exclusively to the Nintendo Switch. These include, for example, the Pokemon games, Zelda or Animal Crossing. There are also ports of well-known games that you can also play on the switch. Other games away from the switch are not provided.

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Differences between switch and steam deck

The switch mainly relies on exclusive games that you can only play on the Nintendo Switch. There are no ports for other platforms. All games you can play on the steam deck are also available on the desktop PC.


How much do the two handheld consoles that are likely to be seen in direct competition? We introduce you to the prices of the consoles and explain where the differences are.

Steam deck

This costs the Steam Deck: The Steam Deck is available at three different price categories. The price depends on how configuration you decide. The prices for the Steam Deck currently see for pre-orders:

419 Euro (64 GB)
549 Euro (256 GB)
679 Euro (512 GB)

Valves boss Gabe Newell had now explained that the price of Steam Deck is painful for Valve. Incidentally, no docking station is included in the price according to the current viewpoint. Should something change here, we update the article for you.

Nintendo Switch

Currently, the Nintendo Switch costs about 330 euros. The price is very stable and hardly fluctuates. The price includes the docking station next to the Nintendo Switch and the Joyencons.

The weaker Switch Lite will already get you for 229 euros, but you have to do without the docking mode.

Differences between switch and steam deck

In the price comparison, the Steam Deck is much more expensive than the Nintendo Switch. For the higher price, however, you will also get the Steam Deck faster and more modern hardware than the switch.

From the Nintendo Switch, there are currently only two variants, at the end of the year, the OLED version is still to come, which is priced above the normal switch version.

A possible Nintendo Switch Pro is hotly discussed, but so far Nintendo has not presented or announced nothing in this direction:

Target group: Who are switched to Switch and Steam Deck?

If you compare steam deck and switch together, you also have to ask yourself the question of whom the consoles are at all. Especially when comparing the target groups, the differences between Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch can be seen clearly.

Steam deck

Valve is aimed at mobile gamers and wants to bring the gaming PC to the mobile device. Instead of the desktop PC, you can sit on the couch or bed in this way and gamble from there.

Valve wants to turn to the open system, especially on users who are quite willing to deal with the device.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch relies on a simple system without additional possibilities and is therefore much more accessible. Also many games that can gamble on the Nintendo Switch, aim for a younger audience. With a price of around 300 euros at the normal switch, a wide target group is directed.

Differences between switch and steam deck

Both Valve and Nintendo are addressed to two different markets. While Valve wants to address PC players especially, Nintendo rather relies on a younger and generally broader target group.

Also in the offer of games and software is directed to significantly different user groups. While Steam offers any kind of game, which is not child-friendly, the games on the Nintendo Switch are a total of family-friendly and there are clear specifications for a publication on Nintendo’s platform.

Nintendo has so far been very successful with its switch, while Valve has to take foot on the market. With the previous hardware such as Steam Controller or Steam Machines, Valve has so far been a little successful. In the end, above all, the question will play a role, whether you prefer to gamble on the PC, or more preferably the console feeling .

What do you think? Would you buy a steam deck or have already presented it? Are Switch and Steam Deck in competition or are those consoles that need the mutual competition do not fear? Steam deck officially introduced: All the information you need to know