Earth, Wind & Fire (EW&F or EWF) is an American band that has spanned the musical styles of R&B, spirit, funk, jazz, nightclub, pop, dancing, Latin, as well as Afro pop. They have actually been called among the most innovative as well as are among the most readily successful acts of perpetuity. Rolling Stone called them cutting-edge, specific yet sensual, computed yet galvanizing and stated that the band altered the sound of black pop . VH1 has actually likewise explained EWF as one of the biggest bands ever.The band was started in Chicago by Maurice White in 1969, having outgrown a previous band referred to as the Salty Peppers. Other prominent members of EWF have consisted of Philip Bailey, Verdine White, Ralph Johnson, Larry Dunn, Al McKay, Roland Bautista, Robert Brookins, Sonny Emory, Fred Ravel, Ronnie Regulation, Sheldon Reynolds and Andrew Woolfolk. The band is understood for its kalimba noise, vibrant horn section, energised and also elaborate stage programs, as well as the contrast in between Philip Bailey’s falsetto vocals as well as Maurice White’s baritone.The band has won 6 Grammys from their 17 nominations and four American Music Awards out of 12 nominations. They have actually been sworn in right into the Rock and also Roll Hall of Popularity, the Vocal Team Hall of Popularity, the NAACP Image Award Hall of Fame, and also Hollywood’s Rockwalk, in addition to receiving a celebrity on the Hollywood Stroll of Fame. With sales of over 90 million records, they are one of the globe’s very successful bands of all time. The band has actually likewise received an ASCAP Rhythm & Heart Heritage Award, BET Lifetime Accomplishment Award, and also the Soul Train Tale Award, in addition to a NARAS Signature Guv’s Honor, a Grammy Life Time Achievement Award, the 2012 Congressional Perspective Award, as well as the Kennedy Center Honors in 2019.

On September 9, 2021, Next Stage, Visual Dart, IntraTragames and Dangen Entertainment publishes the post-apocalyptic Action Adventure Ultra Age for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The download via PlayStation Store and eShop costs 29.99 euros each. A free demo is also available, a PC implementation via Steam without appointment. In the game description it says: Ultra Age is a temporal action game in the future. Swing your sword and experience the history of the young warrior Age, who has to protect humanity from the extinction on his mission. With your blades you cut yourself through robots – And mutant opponents, explore futuristic scenes and come to a great conspiracy on the trail that determines the fate of the planet.

In the distant future, there is no enough resources on earth. The ecosystem of the planet has changed irrevocably long ago by a passing meteorite. Humanity has split: on one side, the people who have fled the earth and settled in the space colony ‘Orbitalbogen’, and on the other side are the people who have stayed on the earth and in one Establishment called ‘Refuge’.

Humanity has disappeared from the earth’s surface after an experiment of civilians failed from the refuge that should actually be the last hope for humanity. Meanwhile, the people of the orbital arc sent some expeditions to the earth to search for resources. After no signs of life were found, a young warrior named ‘Age’ crashes with his sword from the orbit to the earth. In support of his floating android helvis, he has to find the key, which is crucial for the survival of humanity.

As features are mentioned:

Name KOMBO actions change the blade: With a variety of blades, you slit in rapid, elegant action through your enemies! Changing spontaneously the blades, unleashing mighty attacks and leaders of devastating combos. Different properties and varied actions require a unique strategy to pass against different types of opponents .
Clease gaps with the wire: With the wire-skill you pull smaller enemies with you and with the quantum distortion you reach immediately greater enemies! Strategically use the wire to overcome a numerical inferiority, overcome to make a rural and quick to counterparts .
With skills you win the upper hand: With the collections collected you improve your blades, expand your skills and learn new combos. If you use the modules and power equipment, you can enlarge Hochlevels, enlarge your blade arsenal and even bring the toughest opponents to the route. With helvis you unleash your critical anger, with the healing bag you recover and with the time difference you cheat more items.
Elbe a post-apocalyptic earth: Follow Age on his journey to the year 3174. Enjoy the intermediate sequences developed with the Unreal Engine – they tell the story of the Mission of AGE, which leads through futuristic mechas, forests and deserts. Meet on mysterious characters, defeat dangerous bosses and suggest the story behind the fate of humanity.

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