Nintendo Co., Ltd. is a Japanese international customer electronic devices as well as computer game business headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. The company was founded in 1889 as Nintendo Karuta by craftsman Fusajiro Yamauchi and initially created handcrafted hanafuda playing cards. After venturing right into various line of work during the 1960s and also obtaining a legal condition as a public firm under the present firm name, Nintendo dispersed its very first computer game console, the Color TV-Game, in 1977. It acquired international recognition with the launch of Donkey Kong in 1981 and also the Nintendo Entertainment System and also Super Mario Bros. in 1985.
Ever since, Nintendo has actually produced several of the most successful gaming consoles in the computer game sector, such as the Game Child, the Super Nintendo Home Entertainment System, the Nintendo DS, the Wii, as well as the Nintendo Switch. It has produced countless significant franchises, consisting of Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Kirby, Metroid, Fire Symbol, Pet Crossing, Splatoon, Star Fox, Xenoblade Chronicles, and also Super Smash Bros. The personality of Mario is globally recognisable, and also acts as the company’s mascot.
Nintendo has several subsidiaries in Japan as well as abroad, along with organization companions such as The Pokémon Company as well as HAL Laboratory. Nintendo and its staff has received awards consisting of Emmy Honors for Innovation & Design, Game Honors, Video Game Developers Selection Awards and British Academy Gamings Awards. It is just one of the most affluent and also most valuable business in the Japanese market.

What was just a rumor a few days ago, is now officially confirmed. The Nintendo switch permanently effective and experiences the first price cut since its release. The new price is then valid for the whole of Europe.

Update of 13 September 2021:

Nintendo’Alerts should at least keep the date right. The French portal verkündetet on Friday via Twitter that a price cut of Nintendo switch is expected on 13 September. The new official price of Nintendo switch is 299.99 euros. (Source: Nintendo). The dealers in Germany already adjust their prices in Amazon you get the switch, for example, already at the new price.

When SwitchLite there was no price reduction.

Originalmeldung of 10 September 2021:

Nintendo switch to be permanently cheaper soon

Since 2017, the regular price of Nintendo switch has not changed. According to the French portal Nintendo’Alerts the hybrid console will soon become cheaper by more than 18 percent.

Since four and a half years, the Nintendo Switch on the market, an official price cut, there has been but not in Europe. While Nintendo’s console is to get every now and then also in offers for less than 300 euros, the regular price of 329.99 Euro has never changed. Not even the release of pure handheld variant SwitchLite nothing has changed.


Nintendo OLED switch buy: Now you have a chance again!

Robert Kohlick

New switch price should amount to 270 euros

According to the French portal Nintendo’Alerts (13 September 2021) will fall the price of Nintendo switch to 270 euros on Monday . The prices of the Lite version and the OLED version will not change. (Source: Twitter). It is not clear whether this price reduction restricted to the French market or for other European countries applies. There is currently no official confirmation the dealer.

However Nintendo’Alerts confirmed in another Tweet that it is not a rumor, but is a reality . (Source: Twitter).

community speculated about reasons

the price cut, the switch is long overdue For many male and female players. Especially compared to the PlayStation or Xbox 5 Series X | S is the switch console with significantly lower hardware high to a pretty price. In Reddit there are suspicions about the reasons for the price drop. One speculation revolves around Valve’s announcement of Steam decks . So Nintendo will want to inspire still undecided players to purchase the switch to the cheaper price. Others suspect to get the old Switch off the market and to make appearing at October 8, 2021 OLED variant in the future to the standard model the attempt.

Deals with the price reduction still considered a rumor. Should this information relate only to France, other European traders are likely to follow suit soon. With a price difference of more than 60 euros, many believed their switch would buy in France. Whether Nintendo’Alerts is right, learn it, according to them, so on Monday.