Nintendo has reduced the price of the normal Nintendo Switch. Both the gray and the neon-red / neon-blue version cost now no more € 329.99, but are offered to the EIA of 299.99 euros. The first dealers have already carried out the price adjustment.

Nintendo Switch costs now only 300 euros

The switch becomes cheaper – very officially. The price of the handheld console was lowered in the My Nintendo Store from € 329.99 to 299.99 euros . However, this is not a short-term discount. The RRP was permanently lowered (Source: My Nintendo Store).

Already in advance there was first guesses and leaks, which suggested that Nintendo will reduce the price of the switch. However, the first reports assume that the price falls to 270 euros (Source: GIGA).

The standard version of the Nintendo Switch is the only variant of the handheld console series whose price was customized. The EIA The Nintendo Switch Lite continues to be 219.99 euros , the OLED model of the Nintendo Switch can be pre-ordered for 359.99 euros.

Nintendo Switch (OLED model) at Mediamarkt View


Pre-order Nintendo Switch (OLED model): Grab the console before it’s too late!

Why does Nintendo change the EIA of the switch?

Many players have been waiting for quite some time that Nintendo lowers the Switch’s EIA. After all, the handheld console has now four years on the hump.

However, the main reason for the price reduction is likely to offer the upcoming release of the OLED switch. Nintendo could fear that the sales figures of the normal switch will break when the price difference to the new model is only 30 euros .

At the same time, the price reduction should also lead to previously undecided customers by ringing. Finally, the switch has now undercut the magical 300 euro threshold .

Some dealers have already offered the switch since the conversion to the reduced EIA – some examples below:

Nintendo Switch at MediaMarkt for 299,99 Euro
Nintendo Switch at Saturn for 299,99 Euro
Nintendo Switch at Amazon for 299,00 Euro
Nintendo Switch at OTTO for 299,00 Euro

A look at the price history of the Nintendo Switch shows that the handheld console cost most of the time over 300 euros in the last 6 months. The lowering of the UVPS should now put one end.