A new kinematic trailer of Star Wars Hunters has just come out, and although we still have a look at his gameplay, we can now appreciate several characters that we can control in this title free-to-play . However, we also received bad news, because your launch window now happened to some point of 2022 .

The game will now reach up to 2022. This title of battles in sand, will let us control one of several original characters within the world of Star Wars. In the trailer, we see in action at Rieve , a warrior on the dark side, fighting a Wookie called Grozz , who specializes in disarming the opponents of her.

We can also see a Jedi, or at least one imitator, because j-3di is a scheduled droid to believe that the force is on the side of it, but even if it is a farce, we noticed that it has skill with the light saber.

Star Wars Hunters Now it will take more to get to our mobile devices and Nintendo Switch, but while you wait, you can pre-register you on the official game site, and in doing so, you will receive exclusive objects when the title finally reaches our hands. Remember, for the Nintendo Switch version, you will not need a Nintendo Switch online subscription to play.

The game is situated after the fall of the Galactic Empire, and will transport us to the world of Vespaara , where we will fight in battles by online teams. The fighters we will see in the title, will be part of known features within the world of Star Wars, such as Stormtroopers, reward hunters, rebellion heroes, and more.