The Nintendo Switch finally gets a useful feature, waiting for the game for a long time. After four years, you can now connect your headphones to the console when you are in your docking station.

Nintendo Switch: New function thanks to update

The latest System Update 13.0.0 for the Nintendo Switch is there – and it has it. Now that the end of the game has been waiting for the feature for four years, it is finally reality: headphone support per Bluetooth.

Since neither the Pro controllers nor the Joy-Cons have their own audio books, there was only the possibility to plug headphones to the console themselves. For those who like to play in handheld mode, this is completely sufficient. Who rather plays on the big screen , however, had to look in the tube so far. It was: speaker or nothing.

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How does it work?

To pair Bluetooth compatible headphones with your Nintendo Switch, goes you lost:

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Download the latest system update. (An instructions for you can find here.)
Goes into the system settings.
Scrolls to the menu item Bluetooth audio .
Turns your audio device into the coupling mode.
Selects Add Device and waits until your switch finds the device.
Now you can pair it.

What should you consider?

Unfortunately, there are also a few restrictions in Bluetooth and Nintendo Switch. So you can use only two wireless controllers at the same time, while an audio device is coupled to the console.

The connection between the hybrid console and your Bluetooth device is disconnected as soon as you start the local multiplayer in a game. (Source: Nintendo)

Show you here more useful tips and tricks to your Nintendo Switch: This Video:

After four years, Nintendo finally published an update that allows you to connect Bluetooth audio devices with your switch. A giant gain for the comfort when playing – even if a few restrictions are accompanied.