At Amazon, there is just the Nintendo Switch in neon-red and neon-blue at reduced price, namely for 284.90 euros. As a non-binding price, Amazon is still 329 euros, which is no longer up to date, since Nintendo has lowered the RVP earlier at the beginning of the week, to 299.99 euros. Huge is the discount you get at Amazon, not. Nevertheless, the Nintendo Switch is just nowhere cheaper according to comparison platforms. Here’s the Deal:

Nintendo Switch for 284.90 euros at Amazon

Amazon does not currently specify how long the offer is still valid. It is possible that Amazon only with the Deal of the eBay dealer SBDirect24, which offers the Nintendo Switch offered for 284.90 euros. In this case, the deal from Amazon would also end as soon as the switch is no longer available there. According to SBDirect24, she should already be almost sold out . What exactly the dealer understood underneath is difficult to say.

Nintendo Switch for 284.90 euros on eBay

Incidentally, the falling price of the Nintendo Switch has to do so that the release of the new Nintendo Switch OLED is in October, which will then cost 359.99 euros. At the moment, however, it can be ordered at most too much excessive prices.

Switch accessories on offer at Amazon

If you want to buy the matching accessories to the Switch Console, Amazon has some more interesting offers in stock. Here is a selection:

Gamory Wireless Switch Controller instead of € 18.99 for € 11.39 (clicking a discount voucher!)
Real Power Wireless Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch for 16,99 €
Heystop 11 in 1 switch carrier bag and accessory set for 16,99 €
BIGBLUE 10000 MAH Battery Charger + Case for Nintendo Switch Instead 34.99 € for € 29.74
Likorlove 4 in 1 Charger for Nintendo Switch and Joy-Con instead 15.99 € for € 12.74
Lammcou Joy-Con-handles for Nintendo Switch instead of 11,99 € for 10,19 €

You will find here for overview of the current gaming offers at Amazon:

Gaming offers at Amazon

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