Nintendo has the new firmware update 13.0.0 released Lite for Nintendo and Nintendo Switch Switch. The round figure suggests, that we are dealing with a slightly larger update and not just as usual, the system stability is improved. The patch brings not only some minor new features, but also a long-awaited by fans feature.

Bluetooth headset will finally support

What’s new in the update? If the new version Once downloaded from the Nintendo switch, it is now possible to use a Bluetooth headset connected to the console. Not only headphones can be connected to the switch, other audio devices such as headphones and speakers can be connected.

However, there are limitations: For example it is not possible Bluetooth microphones with your switch to connect to communicate with voice chat with a friend inside. Furthermore, can the only two wireless controllers are connected to the switch if already a Bluetooth audio device is connected to the console.

Internet despite Standby: Until now it was not possible updates for games to download, when the switch is in standby mode was. With the new update we can now turn on a feature that will allow us to continue to establish a wireless Internet connection. This update can also be downloaded in standby mode.

These are the English patch notes from Update 13.0.0

Bluetooth® audio is now supported.

Headphones, earphones, speakers and other audio devices that connect via Bluetooth, can switch family are connected to the sound output with the Nintendo consoles now.
It can no Bluetooth microphones are used.
There can be up to two wireless controllers while using Bluetooth audio with your Nintendo switch console connected.
The connection to Bluetooth audio is stopped while using the local mode.
Depending on the type of Bluetooth device, it may experience delays in the audio playback.
For more information, see Add and manage Bluetooth audio devices.

Station upgrade was in the system settings for Nintendo Nintendo switch and switch – added OLED model consoles under System . This option allows the software for Nintendo can switch stations with LAN connection are updated.

Software updates for stations are not available for stations without LAN port.
This feature is not available for Nintendo SwitchLite.
For more information, see Updating the software for the station.

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LAN maintained in standby mode has been in the system settings under standby added.

If this option is enabled and there is a LAN connection, the connection is maintained to the Internet even in standby mode. In this way, both software can be downloaded as well as additional content in the standby mode on the console.
The option is enabled by default.
When disabled, the power consumption of the console is reduced because the console only intermittently connects to the Internet.

Note: consoles that are not on Ver. 13.0.0 or updated later, behave as if this option is enabled.

You can select Control Sticks calibrate in the system settings like this now call.

Select Calibrate in System Preferences controllers and sensors, followed by Control sticks. Then tilt the Control Stick in one direction and hold it for a few seconds in this way to start the calibration.

Users can now Connection Status (after selecting Internet in the system settings), see whether their wireless Internet connection uses a frequency band at 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz.

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So you load the firmware update

If the update does not start automatically, you can perform it the following steps:

Go in the main menu of your console to System Settings
Scroll to the bottom and goes to console
Under the menu item System Update you start the download

The prerequisite for this is that you are connected to the Internet. Normally, you will automatically be notified that the download is available. Follow the instructions, the Switch you download the update.

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