Daedalic Entertainment GmbH is a German computer game developer as well as publisher based in Hamburg. They are best known for creating point-and-click journey games.

Wildcat Gun Machine has announced the Australian developers ChunkyBox Games and Daedalic Entertainment a 2D Action Roleplay, which should appear at the end of 2021 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Via Steam and GOG you can already use the mixture of isometric dungeon crawler and lead-containing arcade action already appeared in the EPIC Game Store as well. In addition, the Steam Next should be a free demo in early October. Game description of the manufacturer: Armed with a wide range of fire weapons, heaps of ammunition, plenty of attitudes (and ghost cats), players are shooting players through bullet-bright dungeons full of fur-bridging opponents, disgusting meat webs and fireworthy monsters.

Every dungeon is handmade and not randomly generated to be as challenging and well balanced. The resulting challenges can only be overcome with creative solutions. Of course, most of these solutions have to do with one of the 40 firearms, between which the players can choose and of which is an explosive than the other. The only thing that cats like more than a laser pointer to jump afterwards, is to focus on the forehead of their enemies.

As features are mentioned:

Bullet light shooter mixed with dungeon crawling
More than 40 types of firearms to teach enemies the fear to teach
Cheating upgrades for an individual game style
Inique 2D-Artstyle
Complex combat situations that need to be solved with heads and explosions
Handmaked Level for the highest level of action

Last updated video: announcement trailer