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Nintendo has registered a new command from Nintendo Switch into the federal agencies of the United States. The Nomenclature of the Registry-Series Number HAC-043 \ – corresponds to the employee by Nintendo for your peripherals of the hybrid console, from accessories such as the Ring with Ring Fit Adventure to the reissues of classical controls Like the SNES Controller .

Discovered in Screen by the Samushunter2 user of Twitter, then shared by Eurogamer, this record does not include information that allows us to discern the nature of this accessory , beyond that it will use a Bluetooth connection. In fact, Nintendo has requested the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to keep hidden all the documentation and product specifications during a period of 180 days .

Based on this, it seems that Nintendo would announce this new command from Nintendo Switch before or during March 2022 , just at the end of the fiscal year, coinciding with the 180 days requested by the company. While the command itself remains a mystery, the fans speculate that it would be a Nintendo 64 control for Nintendo Switch, since their serial number (HAC-043) is just the Next to the SNES Controller of the console (HAC-042).

A few weeks ago, EUROGAMER sources claimed that Gran N plans to add Game Boy games to the Nintendo Switch online catalog. A news in which they added that the company also shuffle other retro platforms for service. The serial number of this command should not be taken as a confirmation of anything regarding the virtual console, but we will be very attentive to what they can announce in the coming months.

On the other hand, we remind you that Nintendo Switch has dropped its official price in Europe, although not in North America, and that the console has been updated this week with support for Bluetooth helmets and speakers, among other novelties.