Nintendo Switch Online (NSO) is an on-line subscription service for the Nintendo Switch video clip game console. Nintendo Switch Online attributes consist of on-line multiplayer, cloud saving, voice conversation using a smart device application, accessibility to a library of Nintendo Home entertainment System (NES) and Super Nintendo Home Entertainment System (SNES) games, Super Nintendo well Super Nintendo other promotions and also deals. Complying with an acting duration where Nintendo supplied on the internet multiplayer absolutely free, the registration service formally introduced on September 18, 2018. The solution is Nintendo s 3rd generation on-line solution after Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Super Nintendo well Super Nintendo Nintendo Network.
Testimonials for the service were blended. Its inexpensive price compared to various other on the internet services wSuper Nintendo normally applauded, but its smartphone app, NES Super Nintendo well Super Nintendo SNES content library, the initially small selection of cloud save-supported video games Super Nintendo well Super Nintendo absence of dedicated servers were criticised.

Nintendo hSuper Nintendo registered a new peripheral at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) with the serial number HAC-043 . The Japanese company plans to market a new command , apparently for your Nintendo Switch console, with a denomination very similar to that of SNES Controller, called HAC-042.

What do we know about this peripheral and what not

The information, advanced by vgc , throws a series of details that almost confirm the Relationship of this new product with Nintendo Switch ; Something quite obvious or obvious taking into account that this is its only current console. However, it is a fact that all the previous peripherals of the hybrid had prefixed the nomenclature HAC . For example, the Ring-with Ring Fit Adventure ( HAC-022 ) or the aforementioned Super Nintendo wireless control.

On the other hand, we know that it is about a control , a peripheral control, since the product is officially described in the document Super Nintendo Game Controller with connection by port USB-C .

New consoles on the way to Nintendo Switch online?

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However, many possibilities are opened and, considering that we are in the midst of September and there are a multitude of rumors of sources not confirmed by Nintendo that indicate the possible arrival of new platforms to Nintendo Switch online, the name of Nintendo 64 takes more and more strength.

LSuper Nintendot July, Nintendo indicated its investors that want to improve the attractiveness of Nintendo Switch online .

It should be noted that Nintendo hSuper Nintendo not advanced the arrival of new platforms to its online platform, until the moment supplied with nes titles (since 2018) and SNES (since 2019), but that can be close to change in the next dates. Both consoles have their own wireless control compatible with Nintendo Switch .

It is not the first time that Nintendo confidentially requests the clSuper Nintendosification of new controls at the Federal Communications Commission. They already did it in August 2019 with SNES for SNES Controller (HAC-042); The procedure is now repeated with HAC-043.

It is a matter of time that Nintendo officially is about what this peripheral is about and if the desire of the fans of having Nintendo titles 64 or other clSuper Nintendosical consoles will be realized. Similarly, the arrival of titles of Game Boy and Game Boy Color ( eurogamer and nintending Life ) also sounds in the same way; neither confirmed by the Japanese company.

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