Even if there are many great games on the Switch, the dreaded Joy Con drift ensures that it makes it much less fun to play you too. Now, however, there are tangible evidence that Nintendo is currently working on a new controller for the hybrid console.

Nintendo Switch: New controller is not far away

The Nintendo Switch could get a new controller soon . The American authority FCC is a document for a new Game Controller , which should be presented in the next six months.

The Twitter user Samus Hunter became aware of the entry, according to which the controller bears the name bkehac043 . The wild letter salad already gives a first indication of the details behind the product . The identifier HAC is here the code used for switch products (the switch bears the identifier HAC-001 , the left Joy-con the identifier HAC-015 ). HAC-043 seems to prove that the new controller will appear for the hybrid console.

A Brand New Game Controller Has Been Registered Today by Nintendo
FCC ID Bkehac043
Right Now All The Data is lockedhttps: //t.co/yo7pwp4ntv pic.twitter.com/yhjmb9iie

  • Samus Hunter | Nintendo Leak Inside (@ Samushunter2) September 16, 2021

How could the new switch controller look like?

Dragomon Hunter - 05 - Gamepad Gameplay... Gametime?
How exactly the controller looks like and what he can, is not yet known. But there are already rumors: for example, the official SNES controller for the switch has the identifier HAC-042 . So could HAC-043 be a kind of successor? Maybe another retro controller in the style of the N64 or Game Boys . (Source: Nintendolife)

Further options would be a new PRO controller or maybe even a new version of the Joy-Cons, with which Nintendo finally reacts to the Joy Con drift, who has been planning the console for four years . The problem of joysticks that show movements, though none are not made, has already remained unanswered so long that a fan has even discovered a solution for a fan.

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Nintendo suffices documents at the American authority FCC, which prove that there will soon be a new controller for the Nintendo Switch . Whether it’s going to be a retro controller, pro controller or even new Joy-CONS is not yet clear.