A crazy mini-game waterfall has been the heart of the Warioware series since 2003. Successful in Warioware Gold on Nintendo 3DS, this opus launches to the conquest of the Nintendo Switch opening the door to the multiplayer and the category Party Game , Particularly effective for the console.

This Warioware test: get it together was done on Nintendo Switch with a commercial version.

The comic and absurd universe of Warioware

Nintendo s first anti-hero, Mario s malefic twin is leading many crossed absurd humor games and energetic gameplay. Mini-games, parodies of the main titles of his creators, everything is at the rendezvous to not take yourself seriously.

A complete game to start again is in the heart of the gameplay

Launched in history mode, the game quickly unveils all its aspects. Playable up to 2 players, mini-games are linked with a full hard time. Each level introduces you a new hero with its own capabilities. Surviving multiple challenges provides access to the boss who, once afterwards, leaves the player forward.

Although a real asset on paper, the multiplayer mode in cooperation shows actually quickly its flaws, often related to the difficulty of mini-games. If one of the players are mistaken it s over, a life is withdrawn, enough to have shared frustration pleasure. It will nevertheless note the presence of an optional continuous system, very significant for continuing adventure, regardless of its level of play.

The story itself is logically very classic, including some dialogs and cinematics to connect the levels. A point whose wariooware has never hidden: it is at the end of the story that the game is starting to begin. And although difficult to assume, this promise opens a satisfactory number of game modes and replayability.

Main diversity tool: the difficulty curve

Naturally attracted to other proposed activities, the game highlights its replayability. Each mini-game exists in 3 or 4 levels of difficulty, a major challenge for the player. All previously completed levels are to start again without end. Once the boss vanquished, the difficulty increases until there is no longer life.

To accompany this new mechanics, it is possible to exchange the pieces harvested during the levels, to obtain cosmetic rewards. Successful successes guide players to a real end of the game once all accomplished. The title also offers an online multiplayer mode that every week is launching a challenge to move forward in a ranking. For the moment this mode, nevertheless seems anecdotal and will require improvements later.

The main surprise of this test, Warioware has the ability to make her gameplay accessible from the first second game, unchanged until her end. All with its batch of discovery and challenges to the growing difficulty. A certainly but unlikely to turn into weakness, if the player to whom it is for is not sensitive to the challenges.

Warioware, a genuine game Game?

If the core of the game (the campaign and its mini-games) is only declined in two-player co-op, the title proposes any a few different modes of up to four participants. However, this mode seems too limited to us to actually justify a Party Game position, a failure as long as the switch is a support generally adapted to the multiplayer.

A regret all the more notable when the care provided to history mode are applicable to the varied modes. Some real challenges, increased longevity and tournament game modes to overcome the number of player restrictions have already been proven in other games already available.

The balancing of the characters also puts a problem sufficiently visible to be notified. Once at 4 players, the powers of some too strong heroes dig a ditch with characters, sometimes reinforcing that feeling of frustration of the game.

good times to pass alone or several

Crazy and absurd humor, the world of Warioware is at the rendezvous in get it together! For the greatest pleasure of players, whether they are fans or not of the license. A few minutes are sufficient to create hilarious situations, worn by a sequence of jokes and references that will inevitably end up finding a smile.

All mini-games (222) forms the Wariopedison , sorted in 10 themes that address multiple references such as everyday life, animals or technology. A Nintendo category will necessarily attract attention during progression, referring to many classics like Pikmin, Zelda, Donkey Kong or Mario.

Once the tour of everything the game is proposing, it is one of the few that always wants to play it. Whether it is alone or to occupy an evening, the Warioware Square does not fall into the pile of the party-game to come out a few times a year. A place yet attributed easily to many console classics, depending on a number of players to be dug. The test assessment Finding the Warioware universe is always a pleasure, partially tainted by its multiplayer mode. However, apart from our setbacks on Multi mode, we appreciated from the beginning to the end its mode history to the well-controlled progression. The strong points The crazy world of Warioware Mastered progression A satisfactory number of levels The weak spots Modes to 3 and 4 incomplete players Characters with unbalanced powers A multiplayer mode at anecdotal launch