According to the NDP Mat Pisatella analyst, the Nintendo Switch is leading US hardware graphics through record sales in February. Nintendo Switch dominated unit sales and dollars in February while beating all the platforms in the history of the month since February 2009 with Nintendo Wii. It seems that February is the month of Nintendo to shine on the basis of these numbers. The new owners of Nintendo Switch will have to access Nintendo Switch Online if they wish to play multiplayer with their online friends.

It s the highest total for one month of February since the $ 468 million achieved in February 2011, said Mat Pisatella. Since the beginning of the year, equipment expenditures totaled $ 724 million, an increase of 130% from last year. Given the leap of 130% this year, it seems that the Nintendo Switch continues to dominate and February continues to be an excellent month for the Grand N.

Nintendo Switch is the second best-selling platform in the history of the United States, just behind the Nintendo Wii, which stormed the world when leaving in 2006. Despite the recent exit of Xbox Series X. / S and ps5, it looks like Nintendo Switch continues to fly out of store shelves while shops have trouble getting the next generation consoles on store shelves. While Nintendo Switch was one of the original consoles affected by COVID shortages, it seems that Nintendo is back to pump the hybrid console.

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