Nintendo Switch players are currently enjoying a very special gaming experience: Eastward wants to connect the most out of games of the Zelda series and the Last of Us and thus convinces its steadily growing fan community. You also?

Eastward: a beautiful retro feeling

A new insider tip for switch and PC owners occupies the Nintendo community in the storm. The Eastward appeared on 16 September is highly praised under any trailers and subreddits. Under the Launch Trailer, Eastward is celebrated, for example, for its aesthetics, but also for his nostalgic Snes feeling.

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Here you can watch the trailer yourself:

YouTube User JR comments on the trailer:

I have just downloaded it and had a four-hour session. The sun is straight. This is this kind of games that Nintendo should pay more attention. So I felt at the SNES play. It is wonderful. I can not wait to experience the rest of the game.

What to do with Zelda and The Last of Us?

Eastward combines elements of popular rows of rows of rows of rows of playing something very own: You play the duo consisting of John – an older, breastfeeding as well as Stoischen man – and Sam – a little girl with super forces. Both are survivors in an apocalyptic underground world that wants to escape them.

To obtain freedom, the two do together. Quickly crystallizes a special kind of father-daughter relationship out, in the experiences more closely welding together as blood – similar to the Last of Us,

From gameplay you can expect a top-down perspective in the style classic Zelda games. Even some puzzles want to be solved by you and sustained monsters.

Also, the visual impressions, the atmospheric retro music and the well-written characters are praised both on Reddit and Steam.

For just under 25 euros awaits you on the Nintendo Switch and the PC a around 30-hour game, which is now titled by players as a small masterpiece.

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Especially fans of Zelda-Likes and emotional games such as The Last of Us, Eastward should focus on their to-do list – at least when it comes to previous experience reports. What do you think: Give her a chance to the new game of the Baldo developers?