In just a few weeks, the Nintendo Switch OLED will be launched in stores, offering some pleasant improvements regarding the current console model. Nintendo Tokyo currently has the system on display, and visitors have shared some new images of the online switch model. The images were shared on Twitter by users. @cvxfreak, @bunnagashi, and @pati pss, and compiled by Nintendo all. While Nintendo offered file images when the console was announced for the first time, these flashes in the hand give a much better impression of what the players will get when the system comes out. The eight new images can be found at the end of this publication.

Announced at the beginning of summer, Nintendo Switch Oled was not what many expected! The OLED model was announced after years of rumors about a Nintendo Switch Pro . Those rumors suggested that the SWITCH PRO would have an OLED screen, as well as 4K compatibility and a number of other improvements. Instead, the OLED model simply offers a screen superior to the current model, greater storage capacity and other minor settings. Undoubtedly, the system seems an improvement with respect to its predecessor, but not to the extent that some could have expected.

It remains to be seen if the Nintendo Switch OLED will be worth your $ 350 MSRP, but for those who mainly use the system as a portable device, it could be worth the price of updating! From the new images, we can have a better idea on how the system will be seen when customers begin to get their consoles. In the images metroid Dread , Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Splatoon 2 can be viewed, and the last two games are much more vibrant than in the current switch hardware ( metroid dread has not yet been released, so it is impossible to make a comparison ). The system does not offer any real graphic improvement, but the OLED screen should make some games look better, just for the way colors are displayed.

With the Nintendo Switch OLED scheduled to launch on October 8, the fans will not have to wait much more to see for themselves how the system is seen in hand! For now, readers can scroll down to see the new images that have been shared online.

Metroid Dread.

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