Many insiders expect a Nintendo Direct in this September, in which the most important switch games are shown again for 2021 and a small outlook for the coming year is granted. So far, Nintendo is considered the topic. However, the indications that it could give a stream in the short term.

Patent change gives note

The largest indication is a new switch controller whose plans were submitted to a US authority. It is very likely to act a wireless Nintendo 64-Gamepad, which could appear online with a N64 virtual console for subscribers from Switch. Nintendo was originally asked to keep the documents secret for half a year, but this date has now been brought forward.

Is that the appointment for the Nintendo Direct? As Rostiresetera points on Twitter, the short-term secrecy agreement is now only until September 24, 2021. So we get a Nintendo stream on Thursday, in which the controller is presented ? Of course, that s certainly not possible, because we do not know the exact backgrounds.

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There are other information

In addition to the controller and the expansion of Switch Online, there are other major projects that have earned an appearance with a Nintendo Direct.

New hardware: On October 8, the launch of the Switch OLED is on. Nintendo consoles are almost selling themselves from themselves, but in the context of a show again to stir the advertising drum, would still make sense.

Together with the Switch OLED, on October 8, with Metroid Dread appears one of the Nintendo highlights of the year. All too much we have not seen from the brand new 2D metroid yet. Again, a direct is available.

Here you can see the latest trailer for Metroid Dread:

Other First Party Games: On October 29, Mario Party Superstars will follow, which also has the potential to the bestseller. And on November 19, the Remakes Pokémon Radiant Diamond & Luminous Pearl will appear. These games are likely to be shown in detail again.

All games that appear 2021 for the switch can be found here:

45 2

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Last but not least, rumors are still rumors, according to which Alan Wake Remastered also comes for the Nintendo Switch. The Action Adventure appears on 5 October (so far only for PlayStation and Xbox).

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We also know that Nintendo will not be represented at the Tokyo Game Show, which starts on September 30th. This is another indication that Nintendo will soon stop a separate presentation. Since the E3 in June, a lot has passed a lot, and it is unlikely that Nintendo will simply be unfamiliated in the important last quarter with the Christmas season.

Do you expect the coming days a Nintendo Direct? And what do you want for the show?