Fire Emblem is a popular fantastic tactical RPG and its last iteration, Fire Emblem: Three Houses was an exclusive Nintendo Switch and the fans loved it. In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, players must take control of a faction and fighting in the war that conquered the Fodlan continent. Supergroups, a Japanese fashion brand, announced the output of Fire Emblem s inspired products: Three Houses. The program will include ten items, including coats, jackets and watches.

The mantle, inspired by oleth, has a familiar embroidery on its back inspired by the design of the oleth cloak. Coats are available in black and gray to reflect color changes between male and female characters. The coat also comes with a brooch based on the oleth ring.

The Blue Lions jacket has embroidered chest pockets with faction design in the game as well as engraved buttons on the Blue Lions flag banner. The jacket will include different accents of blue.

The Black Eagles Model Watch comes with several glasses and bracelets according to each character and various design choices in the game. The silver glasses, with the edelgard ridge, is associated with a black and red bracelet based on the leader From the room, Edelgard. The Foldan card is engraved in the dial while the Black House Eagle flag is on the back of the case.

Pre-orders are available from September 22nd. The coats and jackets will come out in mid-February 2022 while the watches will come out in mid-March 2022. The jacket costs USD 200 and the model coat costs $ 250. Watches are available at prices between 198 USD and 228 USD.

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Source: Press release