The 8th generation of video game consoles began in 2012, and also contains 4 house video game gaming consoles: the Wii U released in 2012, the PlayStation 4 family members in 2013, the Xbox One family members in 2013, and the Nintendo Switch family in 2017.
Unlike in most prior generations, there were couple of brand-new innovative equipment capacities to mark this generation as distinctive from prior ones. Sony and also Microsoft remained to produce brand-new systems with similar layouts and abilities as their predecessors, yet with better performance (handling speed, higher-resolution graphics, and raised storage capacity) that additionally relocated gaming consoles into assemblage with personal computer systems, as well as furthering assistance for electronic distribution and video games as a service. Motion-controlled video games of the seventh generation had actually wound down in appeal, however gaming consoles were preparing for improvement of virtual fact (VR), with Sony presenting the PlayStation VR in 2016. Sony focused greatly on its first-party programmers as well as console exclusives as key marketing points, while Microsoft started further expansion of its video gaming solutions, developing the Xbox Video game Pass registration service for both Xbox and Windows computers, as well as its xCloud game streaming service. Both Microsoft as well as Sony consoles saw mid-generation revitalizes, with high-end alterations PlayStation 4 Pro and also the Xbox One X, as well as lower-cost PlayStation 4 Slim and also Xbox One S versions that lacked some functions. As of 2019, the PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One families have marketed an approximated 106 and 46 million units, respectively.
Nintendo continued to be on a different course from either Sony or Microsoft in its blue ocean approach. The Wii U was developed to be a much more robust design of the Wii to meet demands of specialized players, but its methods and function were shed in exactly how it was marketed. The Wii U substantially undersold Nintendo s estimates, offering just 13.5 million systems by its discontinuation in 2017, which drove Nintendo to launch the Nintendo Switch by 2017, its style and advertising accounting for several of the mistakes of the Wii U while meeting a broad series of global demographics and also feasible gaming scenarios. Later on, Nintendo released the Nintendo Switch Lite, a version doing not have the docking capacities but with various other component optimization as well as otherwise compatible with all games. By December 2020, the 2 Switch designs had actually shipped over 79 million systems integrated.
Handheld consoles dealt with versus increasing pressure of mobile pc gaming. The Nintendo 3DS as well as 2DS prospered the now-discontinued Nintendo DS line, while the PlayStation Vita was the follower to the PlayStation Portable. Integrated delivered devices of the Nintendo 3DS/2DS family had gotten to 75 million by September 2019, but the Vita was approximated to have actually only marketed concerning 10 million by the end of 2015. Sony terminated the unit in 2019 and also specified it had no existing strategies for portable systems. Nintendo ceased the Nintendo 3DS in 2020, effectively finishing manufacturing of all portable gaming consoles in the industry beyond the Switch and also Switch Lite.
Along with growth of the mobile pc gaming field, the 8th generation console market was influenced by occasions in China, where the restriction on video gaming consoles was lifted in 2015, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, which delayed a variety of video game releases but saw a substantial increase in computer game acquisitions by individuals quarantined in your home. A number of retro microconsoles were likewise launched during this duration.
Sony and Microsoft released the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and Series S specifically, both in November 2020. Thought about to be their very anticipated next-generation systems, they proceed the fad from the eighth generation with total general enhanced computational performance, visual outcome, and also strong backward compatibility support to minimize the disturbance of updating to the brand-new system.

Actually, FIFA 22 only appears on October 1 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Thanks to the early access start, we have been able to play this year s offshoot since yesterday – how it works, we ll tell you below. Just in time for starting, EA SPORTS has also released the first Team of the Week on Twitter.

The first TOTW in FIFA 22

What is the Totw? In the Team of the Week every week 22 players are chosen, which have brought the best performance in real football – divided into a starting and a substitute elf. So it does not necessarily rely on the biggest stars in the selection. The winners then receive special cards with better values ​​that are logically worth more.

Three Germans in the team of the week: The starting element of Joshua Kimmich, who could convince with BoChum s edge victory against Bochum. In the second eleven, there are two more German: Florian Wirtz of Bayer Leverkusen and Timo Horn of 1 FC Cologne.

The overview with all players, including position and total value


TW: Bounou (84)
IV: Thiago Silva (86)
IV: David Garcia (82)
RAV: Faraoni (81)
ZDM: Kimmich (90)
LM: Diaz (83)
RM: Sarr (82)
RF: Salah (90)
St: Dzeko (85)
St: Toney (84)
LF: Vinicius Jr. (83)

Spare players

TW: Horn (81)
LV: Pedro Rebocho (81)
ZOM: Wirtz (82)
ZOM: Blas (81)
ZM: Toornstra (81)
ST: Caputo (82)
RV: Konoplia (75)
St: Kamara (79)
RF: Berterame (79)
ST: Douglas Vieira (78)
St: Turgott (74)

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Already FIFA 22 gamble

If you worried a subscription at EA Play, you can already play FIFA 22 for ten hours, because the early access access was unlocked on September 22nd. At PlayStation and Xbox, there is currently an offer that pays only 99 cents for one month subscription.

Get the FUT app: Together with the Early Access, the FUT app has already been made available. This helps you to create individual tactics to better monitor your progress and share your ultimate team with others easier.