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The announcement had been leaking, so it s not a surprise: Kirby is about to make a great return to Kirby and the forgotten world on Nintendo Switch, a platform game in urban environments left abandoned where the small Glutton Rose will have to make all his powers speak.

With his colorful post-apo universe, Kirby and the forgotten world has tunes The Last of US all Choupinou. Yes the comparison is dared, but it is late. This new platform game promises fairly open environments where Kirby will have to make use of all its panoply of movements and powers, such as a straight sword from The Legend of Zelda but also thorns, a boomberang or still ice fire to freeze enemies. The trailer broadcast tonight also unveiled a first boss, an imposing gorilla wearing an Iroquois whose commitment to dodge the attacks to fight against the blade. The title is announced for the spring of next year.

Video Glutton Rose

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